Greetings from Techadon

Ben is attacked by a succession of powerful Techadon robots which seem bent on his demise. Kevin eventually discovers that the Techadons are a custom job ordered from the elusive weapon masters of Techadon; they will continue to replicate and grow stronger until Ben is killed. Gwen, deducing that Vulkanus was the individual responsible for the custom job, confronts him, and Argit appears and manipulates Vulkanus into traveling to Earth to make sure the Techadons complete their job. Ben and Kevin arrive at the factory producing the Techadons, which has landed in the middle of the city, but are unable to enter it. The Techadons continue to attack Ben, but Ben deduces that they are targeting the Ultimatrix, and fools them by hiding it with his jacket. Kevin then uses an ID mask to place an Ultimatrix badge on Vulkanus’s back, thus making him the new target of the Techadons.