Simian Says

Eunice travels to the planet Aranhaschimmia to investigate a disturbance in the Codon Stream, discovering that the planet has become infested with DNAliens. On Earth, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are greeted by Simian, who informs them that he accidentally unleashed the DNAliens on Aranhaschimmia while attempting to sell them to a crime lord named Mizaru. The team reluctantly agrees to travel to Aranhaschimmia to stop the infestation, where they encounter Eunice. They discover that Mizaru has gained control over all of the DNAliens and now rules the planet’s population completely. However, Ben is able to defeat Mizaru using Ultimate Spidermonkey, and Eunice uses Simian’s DNA to free all of the Arachnachimps from the Xenocytes. Mizaru is killed by a root shark, and Ben believes that Simian has reformed; however, it is later revealed that Simian stole their DNA repair guns from the Highbreed War and sold them to the Incurseans.