Too Hot to Handle

Kevin takes on an underground job to open a safe for a large sum of money, only to discover that the employer is P’andor, one of the missing Andromeda aliens, who wishes to be freed from a containment suit that he has been kept in. Kevin refuses to free P’andor after his Plumber’s badge detects radiation in the suit; the two battle, but Kevin flees, and P’andor steals a shard of taydenite – the strongest mineral in the galaxy – from him. After Kevin informs Ben and Gwen about P’andor, Gwen insists that they help free him, but Kevin refuses on the basis of him being too dangerous. The trio find and confront P’andor, who attempts to use the taydenite to free himself, but is unsuccessful; he realizes that he needs Kevin to absorb the taydenite in order to free him. P’andor has his minions kidnap Kevin, who taunt him into liberating P’andor, revealing himself as an energy-based alien who absorbs radiation. Ben disguises as Bivalvan and tries to dissuade P’andor from attacking a nuclear power plant, but this only results in a fight. Ben and Kevin ultimately work together to defeat P’andor, who is arrested by the Plumbers. Aggregor then attacks the Plumbers’ ship and captures P’andor.