A Knight to Remember

Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and a squadron of Plumbers confront the Flame Keeper’s Circle, who are transporting Vilgax via truck. The Plumbers are defeated by the Esoterica, the soldiers of the Circle, and Conduit Edwards escapes with Vilgax. Ben and the team unmask one of the captured Esoterica, who is revealed to be Winston, the Forever Knight squire who was controlled by the Lucubra. Ben and the others confront Driscoll; they deduce that Dagon is real and exists in the other dimension where the Lucubra was from, and can now control anyone the Lucubra controlled at will. Dagon possesses Gwen and reveals that Vilgax is seeking his heart, which George cut out of him centuries ago, which will grant Vilgax limitless power. Driscoll reveals that hundreds of years ago, George fought Dagon and sealed him away, the origin of the myth of Saint George and the Dragon. George is still alive in the present day, possessing immortality, and has left the Forever Knights in order to retrieve his sword, which is buried in Dagon’s heart. Gwen deduces where the sword is located, and Driscoll betrays them, then takes Winston and the other knights to the sword’s location. At the location, a battle breaks out between the Forever Knights and the Esoterica, and Vilgax absorbs the power from George’s sword and Dagon’s heart. Dagon, possessing Winston, convinces Vilgax to break the seal; when Vilgax attacks the seal, Dagon absorbs him into his dimension, leaving the sword behind. George picks up the sword and his youth is instantly restored.