The Enemy of My Enemy

While Ben and Gwen argue over how to deal with an increasingly deranged Kevin, they suddenly run into Argit, who claims that Kevin is trying to kill him. Argit asks them to place him into the custody of the Plumbers at the Plumbers’ Academy. At the academy, Argit encounters the Vreedle Brothers, who are training to be Plumbers, and reveals that he was sent by their father, Pa Vreedle, to manipulate their test scores so that they pass. Meanwhile, Kevin pursues Argit to the academy and attacks the students and Argit, prompting the Vreedles to set off a bomb that will destroy the entire academy. Ben throws the bomb out into space, while Kevin assaults and seemingly kills Argit, horrifying Gwen. Kevin leaves, and Ben reveals that Argit was merely playing dead. As Gwen stares out into space, Ben approaches her, and they once again debate over whether Kevin can be saved.