The Big Story

Jimmy Jones sees a meteor crashing into a cave and investigates, where he is attacked by a plant-like alien monster. Jimmy tells Ben and his team about the alien, but only Ben believes him, and agrees to investigate. Ben enters the cave, but comes out saying that he found nothing inside. Uncertain, Jimmy later returns to the cave, where he sees Ben seemingly talking to the plant monster and declaring that he serves its will. Jimmy tries to tell Gwen and Kevin, who disbelieve him; he then goes on Will Harangue’s show, but Harangue merely twists Jimmy’s story to say that Ben intends to invade the Earth. Jimmy is then confronted by Ben, who attacks him. Jimmy flees and encounters Gwen and Kevin, only to learn that they too went to the cave and are behaving strangely. The trio capture Jimmy and take him to the cave, where he sees the real Ben, Gwen, and Kevin captured in pods; the others are genetic copies created by the plant monster, which intends to take over the world and turn it into a “garden.” Jimmy learns that the monster is allergic to peanuts, and uses his bags of peanuts to free Ben and the others and destroy the monster. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin then assure Jimmy that they will take him seriously from now on.