Double or Nothing

Ben discovers the existence of a live show called Ben 10 Live in which the real Ben Tennyson supposedly appears in on-stage performances. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin travel to a Ben 10 Live show at Nemesis Tower, where they witness a seemingly identical version of Ben transforming into lifelike aliens. Ben and Gwen are outraged over their portrayal in the show and confront the producer, who is revealed to be Albedo; after their previous confrontation, Albedo chose to profit off of Ben’s fame by hiring alien actors to perform in the show and deceive audiences across the country. Albedo reluctantly agrees to end the live show; however, one of his actors, a Vaxasaurian named Hugh, claims that Albedo has in fact been saving money and gathering parts to build a doomsday bomb that will make everyone on Earth look like Ben. Ben confronts Albedo, but Albedo’s device activates, and Albedo reverts to his original Galvan form; he reveals that this was his true intent all along – he is now able to alter his DNA at will. However, because Ben interfered with the process, Albedo is still doomed to always turn back into Ben. Hugh admits that he made up the doomsday bomb story in the hopes of keeping Albedo on Earth as his friend; Albedo forgives Hugh but attacks Ben, who defeats him. Hugh promises to take care of Albedo, and takes him away.