Map of Infinity

Believing that Aggregor has killed the Andromeda aliens, Ben attacks him viciously, only to learn that Aggregor’s new form makes him virtually invulnerable. After Aggregor leaves Earth, Ben and his team are brought to Galvan Prime by Azmuth, who explains that Aggregor’s goal is to acquire the Map of Infinity – a complete map of spacetime which will lead him to a mysterious realm known as the Forge of Creation, where he can acquire unlimited power. Because of the map’s importance, Professor Paradox separated it into four pieces and hid them throughout the universe in secure locations; Aggregor absorbed the powers of the Andromeda aliens to make him powerful enough to retrieve them. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin travel to the tidally locked planet Mykdl’dy to retrieve the first piece of the Map of Infinity, encountering a group of Necrofriggians and entering an ancient temple. Inside of the temple, the trio evade a series of traps, but end up at the mercy of Aggregor, who takes the piece of the Map of Infinity and leaves. Ben and the others barely escape, resolving to prevent Aggregor from getting any of the other pieces.