Hit ‘Em Where They Live

Ben learns from Grandpa Max that the exposure of Ben’s identity has caused various old enemies of his to crawl out of the woodwork, seeking revenge by targeting Ben’s loved ones. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin trail Ben’s father Carl, intercepting a team of villains consisting of Charmcaster, Vulkanus, and Zombozo the clown. The team succeeds in protecting Carl and split up to protect Ben’s family, but Gwen is ambushed by Charmcaster, resulting in Ben’s mother Sandra being captured. The team tracks Zombozo to a nearby circus, where Kevin defeats Charmcaster and Ben defeats Vulkanus. Gwen is captured by Zombozo, but her fury prompts her to awaken her innermost anodite self (one year since “War of the Worlds, Part 2”) and frightens Zombozo into fleeing, rescuing Aunt Sandra in the process.