The Enemy of My Frenemy

Gwen has been repeatedly sneaking into Hex’s library seeking a means of returning to Ledgerdomain to rescue Charmcaster. Hex confronts Gwen, but after hearing what Charmcaster did, he becomes despondent and believes Charmcaster is already dead. Gwen discovers that Ledgerdomain’s true name is constantly changing, but develops an algorithm to deduce it and is able to open the Door to Anywhere, and she, Ben, and Kevin enter in search of Charmcaster. They discover that Addwaitya’s rule fell after the Alpha Rune was stolen by Aggregor, but now a new, unknown tyrant rules in his place. Discovering Addwaitya at the mercy of a magical rune, Ben and the team free him, and he leads them to the usurper – revealed to be Charmcaster herself. Charmcaster kills Addwaitya and reveals to the group that she plans to use a mystical device to kill every living thing in Ledgerdomain as part of a ritual to resurrect her father. The team battles her, but Ben is destroyed in attempting to absorb the device, and Charmcaster subsequently kills Kevin and Gwen. Charmcaster uses the ritual to open a portal and speaks to Dagon, who resurrects her father, Spellbinder. When he learns of her actions, however, Spellbinder is horrified at her evil and chooses to return to the world of the dead, thus resurrecting all of the individuals Charmcaster killed. Ben and the team leave a heartbroken Charmcaster behind and exit Ledgerdomain, with Gwen and Kevin wondering how she will recover from losing the one thing she spent her whole life chasing after.