Absolute Power, Part 2

Gwen is able to escape from Kevin and flees with Ben and Michael; Michael reveals that this was all according to his plan, and now that Kevin has had a taste of Gwen’s power, he will continue to seek her out. Kevin arrives at Gwen’s house, but is confronted by Grandpa Max, whom he easily defeats. Kevin then encounters his stepfather Harvey Hackett, who attempts to dissuade Kevin from hurting Gwen, mentioning that Kevin’s mother would be heartbroken to see what he has become. Ben intervenes, however, and reveals that it was all a ploy by Gwen to make Kevin see the error in his actions. Kevin attacks Gwen and Ben intervenes, but is defeated; Julie appears with Ship and blasts Kevin, buying Gwen enough time to flee to Los Soledad, where Michael and Cooper Daniels are preparing the Dominus Librium. Kevin arrives, but Ben attacks him viciously as Ultimate Echo Echo, knocking him unconscious and preparing to kill him. However, Gwen convinces Ben to give them a chance to save Kevin. The Dominus Librium absorbs Kevin’s powers, restoring him to his normal form. Michael betrays the group and absorbs Kevin’s powers, but Ben uses a device to remove the power and send it back where it came from, restoring the Andromeda aliens to life. Kevin knocks out Michael, and he, Ben, and Gwen reconcile.