Prisoner Number 775 Is Missing

The mysterious old man from “The Creature From Beyond” approaches Area 51 and breaks in, causing the entire facility to disappear. Ben and the team are summoned by Cooper Daniels to investigate, where they meet Colonel Rozum and discover a layer of metal at the bottom of the crater that doesn’t originate from Earth. Rozum reluctantly reveals that beneath the metal is a holding facility containing hundreds of aliens, who have been illegally detained by the Air Force over the course of fifty years after being deemed a threat to national security. The group discovers that one of the prisoners, #775, has escaped and fled in a stolen Plumber ship. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin confront Prisoner 775, who reveals that he was captured unjustly by the Air Force, and while imprisoned, his family members were killed on his home planet. Believing he has nothing left to live for, Prisoner 775 resolves to kill Colonel Rozum in revenge, and travels to Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, where Rozum lives. Ben and the team intervene, and Ben uses Ultimate Wildmutt to defeat 775. 775 is arrested by the Plumbers, while Max chastises Rozum for unjustly capturing the aliens; Rozum justifies it as protecting the safety of the United States.