Hero Time

Vampire Summer movie star Jennifer Nocturne is attacked by mercenaries, but rescued in a joint effort by Ben and Carl Nesmith, a.k.a. Captain Nemesis, a real-life superhero and billionaire whom Ben idolizes. Jennifer is infatuated with Ben and kisses him, to Nesmith’s jealousy. Subsequently, Ben and Jennifer become friends, much to the jealousy of Julie. It is then revealed that Nesmith secretly orchestrated the attack on Jennifer to gain popularity, and is conspiring with Will Harangue to boost his public image. After Ben and Nesmith work together to battle against extradimensional robots, Harangue slanders Ben and prompts Nesmith to challenge Ben to a friendly competition. Ben wins the competition, which outrages Nesmith, who resorts to kidnapping Jennifer and Julie. Ben rescues the two and defeats Nesmith, chastising him for losing sight of what it means to be a hero. Nesmith is then arrested.