Ben Tennyson’s secret identity is exposed to the world by an online video, ending his secretive life of heroism. Public opinion on Ben is polarized; he is idolized as a superhero by kids and teens, but distrusted by adults, particularly news anchor Will Harangue, who deems Ben a menace. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin decide to pay a visit to the Internet conspiracy theorist who exposed Ben’s identity, revealed to be a ten-year-old boy named Jimmy Jones who runs a website on alien sightings. Not recognizing one of the aliens on Jimmy’s website, Ben and his team travel to Orlando, Florida, the site where the photograph was taken, to investigate. Ben’s team is brought into custody by the U.S. military, where Air Force Colonel Rozum explains that the alien in question has been stealing parts from a NASA interstellar rocket called Orion. Ben confronts the alien, named Bivalvan, who explains that he is trying to leave Earth after having been stranded there. Ben defeats Bivalvan, who reveals that he is from the Andromeda Galaxy and was kidnapped along with four other aliens by a monster named Aggregor. Ben and his team leave to retrieve the Plumbers, but Bivalvan is recaptured by Aggregor. Later, Ben’s classmates take his side and clap for him and the lives he’s saved.