Continuing from the last episode, both Batman and Katana survive their encounters with death, although they are unsure on how they survive. Batman’s belt is missing; he thinks that it was lost in the explosion, but it is shown that Slade has it. As Batman and Katana fight their way through the GCPD and the SCU, Deathstroke makes his escape in the Batmobile, by using the belt. By the time Batman and Katana have eluded the police, their worst fears have been realized: Deathstroke has found the Batcave and taken Alfred hostage. And if Batman ever wants to see Alfred alive again, he must come to the mansion… alone. Meanwhile, Anarky wakes up Harvey Dent, telling of their victory in the death of Batman. Dent believes it should have been by their hands, not Deathstroke’s. He reveals his true nature as Two-Face and breaks off his partnership with Anarky, by trying to kill him. Both Katana and Batman know it is a trap, and Batman must go to save him. Katana tells him he is not alone, and that she can help, but Batman says no. After he leaves she calls Barbra and catches a ride. Anarky tries to kill him, but Gordan stops him. Before he leaves, he welcomes Dent to the game. Dent leaves, but not before telling him that “they,” are interested in running for mayor. Gordan wonders what did he mean. Batman arrives, and Deathstroke taunts him. Barbra arrives and Katana gives her a mask, so she can go by Oracle in front of Katana friends, Man-Bat and Metamorpho. They all head back to the mansion. Meanwhile, Batman is facing the training system under Deathstroke’s control, as he is avoiding the obstacles, Batman demands he let Alfred go. Deathstroke refuses, that it is about both of them, and he will be so happy when he is dead and he takes his place. Deathstroke proclaims to Alfred that his “sons,” have come home, one a hero, another a villain. That tonight he will watch as one dies; Alfred proclaims that what happen between them is in the past. However, because of his snooping, it cause people to try to kill him. That it was Alfred’s fault that he lost everything, and to replace him with Bruce/Batman was the last straw. Deathstroke wonder why he chose him, maybe for the money; Alfred tells him that he chose him because he saw something in him that he didn’t see in Deathstroke: Empathy and Compassion for life. That Bruce/Batman were a better man than he ever was. Deathstroke begins beating him, and Alfred begs him to stop. Deathstroke pushes him away, but Batman pushes him back away from Alfred. With him distracted, Alfred manages to give Batman the ability to get free. Deathstroke says that they both have one thing in common: planning ahead. He has set the cave to explode unless he dies by his hand or watch everything he worked for be destroy. Batman says he forgot the third choice and begins attacking him. He drops the trigger, and says that only he can stop it. Batman says that he will just have to convince him to disarm the bombs, and they continue to fight. Batman defeats him and frees Alfred, but he returns and the fight continues, just as the others are arriving. Batman tells the other to disarm the bombs while he deals with Deathstroke. Oracle is able to use the detonator to determine where the bombs are and soon they begin gathering the bombs. Metamorpho contains the explosion and saves everyone. In a final battle, Batman defeats him, but if they hand them over to the police, he will reveal his identity to everyone. Alfred says maybe not, and tells his friends what will happen if his identity is revealed. He asks their friends if they can erase Slade’s memories. Batman says he can’t let Alfred do this, but he has to, in order for him to continue keeping Gotham safe. It works, and Batman realizes that he is not alone any more. Elsewhere, Anarky in a chess game, praises him for his abilities, and asks to play again.