The Ultimate Enemy, Part 1

Ben and the team continue to fight Vilgax, but he damages the seal enough for Dagon to send out an energy wave that converts everyone on Earth – apart from the shielded Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and George, as well as Julie and Ship – into mind-controlled Esoterica slaves. As Gwen and Kevin rush off to find a spell to contain Dagon, Ben and George battle Vilgax within Dagon’s dimension, who continues his attempts to break Dagon’s seal. At Gwen’s house, Gwen and Kevin are assaulted by hordes of Esoterica until Dagon seizes control of Gwen’s mind, bringing her back to the seal, with Kevin in pursuit. At the cave, Dagon orders Gwen to use her powers to destroy the seal, but Kevin breaks Dagon’s hold on her by melding a metallic cap around her head that blocks out Dagon’s mind control. Ben asserts that Vilgax isn’t truly Dagon’s servant and is only seeking to further his own gain; this is proven when Psyphon arrives in a spaceship, on Vilgax’s orders. The group prepares for another battle, but at that moment, the seal suddenly shakes and collapses, though Dagon does not appear. Suddenly Dagon’s booming voice echoes through the cave, saying “I am everywhere.” Looking through the hole in the cave, the group is horrified to see that Dagon has finally arrived, in the form of a gargantuan monster spanning the entire sky.