Where Walks Aphrodite

Crystal Cove is taken over by Aphrodite, who spreads a love potion that turns the residents, including the gang, into love zombies. Scooby finds himself allied with Pericles, as both are unable to smell Aphrodite’s potion and are thus immune. They discover an antidote, gather the ingredients, and make it, narrowly escaping Aphrodite and her love zombies. Scooby frees the gang from the potion. Velma discovers that Aphrodite is Amanda Smythe, a former Crystal Cove High Student who was the victim of a cruel prank involving prom royalty. She’s going to have Crystal Cove throw a prom her where she’ll be crowned queen. The gang sneaks into the prom, doses everyone with the antidote, and traps Aphrodite. Pericles disappears, and later, Ed Machine appears to the gang. He shows them a message Pericles sent to Mr. E, revealing that he sent Amanda the potion. Helping Scooby retrieve the antidote ingredients allowed Pericles to obtain three items he needed for reasons unknown.