The Wild Brood

Much to Daphne’s dismay, Fred invites the gang on their second date. When the restaurant is attacked by a group of Orcs called the Wild Brood, Daphne and Velma eagerly ride off with them. Elsewhere, a dangerous weapon is stolen from an armory, and the culprit is shown to be an orc biker. Fred blames Odnarb, the Brood’s leader, while Daphne defends him. Velma notices a clue saying “swordfish” but she and Scooby are kidnapped by a shadow orc before she can inform anyone. The orc tells her to reroute a train or he’ll kill Scooby. Velma reflects on the irony of her having the chance to get Shaggy all to herself, then proudly admits she’d never do that to Scooby, and reroutes the train. She tells the Brood of the clue, and they realize that the shadow orc wants to steal the Swordfish game counsel. They reveal themselves to be a group of programmers and game developers, who dress up as orcs to blow off steam. They board the train to stop the shadow orc, who is revealed to be Maxwell, their copyboy who always wanted to work with them, not for them. Daphne is given the option to ride off with them, but chooses to stay with the gang.