The Legend of Alice May

Fred falls for new student Alice May, who he asks out to prom, much to Daphne’s disgust. She later notices suspicious behavior from Alice, and investigates, finding more suspicious behavior. Meanwhile, the gang stumbles onto the mystery of a ghost girl kidnapping her prom dates. They follow the clues to a cemetery, where the ghost girl attacks them. They hide in a crypt, where they find clues relating to the crimes of Deacon Carlswell, the Creeper. They also find a yearbook, where the original Mystery Incorporated is listed as a club. Everyone goes to prom, where the ghost girl attacks. The gang traps her, revealing her to be Alice. She’s Deacon’s daughter, and wants revenge on the gang for getting her father locked up. Later, a man working for Mr. E releases Alice from prison, revealing Deacon never had a daughter and she was working for Mr. E as well. The man wants the gang to “start looking into the real mystery hiding beneath Crystal Cove – a mystery that led to the disappearance of four youths; a mystery whose time has come to be solved.”