A bear-like creature has been stalking the grounds near Destroido for weeks. The gang investigates, discovering Destroido has allowed toxic lithium to spill into the nearby water. This has destroyed the avocado farm of George Avacados, who the gang suspects. The gang steals an ID badge, and breaks into Destroido’s lab, where they find hundreds of experiments on animals. They’re attacked by the Scarebear and narrowly escape. At a Destroido event, the bear attacks again, and is revealed to be a Benson Fuhrman, a victim of a faulty product Destroido released knowing its defects. A bomb is found at the event, but Fuhrman claims it isn’t his. The gang launches it away from Destroido, accidentally blowing up the avocado farm. Mr. E is revealed to have been behind the bomb, and he, Pericles, Brad, and Judy conspire to steal the disk pieces from the gang.