All Fear the Freak

The gang looks into the treasure beneath Crystal Cove, but are attacked by the Freak. They find the treasure in the caves below town, but are followed by Pericles and the Freak. The Freak steals the gang’s piece and they chase after him. Fred is saved from falling to his death by the Freak, who is captured shortly afterwards. Fred pieces everything together, revealing The Freak to be Mayor Jones, who has been after the treasure since his arrival in Crystal Cove. Jones reveals that Fred’s parents are actually Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves of the original Mystery Inc. Breaking off his engagement, Fred leaves to search for his true parents. Shaggy is sent off to military school, while Scooby is sent to a farm. As the gang is breaking up, Scooby encounters Pericles, who has both disk pieces. Scooby vows to get the gang back together and stop the bird.