Through the Curtain

As the gang follows the original Mystery, Inc. through the caverns, they all approach the first gate to the cursed treasure. Professor Pericles knows the gang has been following them, as he calls them out to bring the Keys in order to open the gates. The gang realizes that the Keys and their scenarios seen in the dream world is how they all apply to the gates. The gang is forced to cooperate after Pericles reveals they have Hot Dog Water. Fred uses a trap built into the gate to distract Pericles, and Hot Dog Water captures him to buy the gang time to escape, although she killed by the Kriegstaffelbots shortly after. The gang arrives at the second gate and opens it using the mortar bowl. They enter a mysterious rock dimension, where they are greeted and chased by a Rock Monster. After the monster’s defeat, the gang comes before the third gate, which is opened using the conquistador’s helmet. The gate releases water trapped behind and the gate turns into a boat, allowing the gang to escape and become stranded at sea. After learning that the next gate is below the water, the gang comes upon the final gate, which is opened using the flintlock. The gang enters the dimension, which is teeming with lava, and comes upon the crystal sarcophagus and cursed treasure. The Evil Entity sealed within tries to manipulate the gang into opening the sarcophagus to free it, but the gang realizes the words the being is speaking are not true. Suddenly, Pericles and the original Mystery Incorporated arrive and Pericles opens the sarcophagus, releasing the Evil Entity.