Dance of the Undead

Deceased ska band Rude Boy and the Skatastics returns from the grave, and hypnotizes partygoers at a local nightclub to dance to their music. The dancers are taken to the hospital, whereupon the gang is called to solve the mystery before they dance themselves to death. Meanwhile, since her accident with the herd, Scooby has been visiting Nova regularly in the hospital. Eventually, the band hypnotizes Fred and the girls, forcing Scooby and Shaggy, who are immune to the music, to turn to the Hex Girls for help. They work together to fight off the band in a giant supernatural band battle, ending with the Skatastics’ defeat. They are revealed to be the actual Rude Boy and the Skatastics, who wanted to revive ska by using hypnotic music. The Hex Girls help decipher a clue on the Planispheric Disk that leads them to an old helmet. Meanwhile, Scooby visits Nova in the hospital, only for her to awaken and utter a cryptic warning before falling asleep.