Wrath of the Krampus

Krampus is attacking children, leaving their hair snow-white. The gang investigates, realizing Krampus is attacking “bad kids”. They head to the Roller Rink and Arcade, where Krampus attacks again. Meanwhile, Brad and Judy attempt to steal disk pieces from the gang. When the gang fails to trap Krampus, they enlist the help of Mary-Ann Gleardon to use a bait, only for Krampus to attack and kidnap her. The gang traps Krampus, revealing him to be a robot. Brad and Judy are successful in stealing the gang’s disk pieces, only to return to Ricky’s headquarters and find their disk pieces gone. A video from the gang reveals that they created Krampus with the help of Jason Wyatt so the original Mystery Inc. would think they had the perfect opportunity to steal the gang’s disk pieces. Fred hid the real disk pieces with former Mayor Jones, while Brad and Judy stole replicas. Fred planted a bug on Brad to get Ricky’s password, then Velma sent Hot Dog Water to steal Ricky’s pieces while Ricky was focused on the gang and Krampus. The gang, who now has all pieces of the disk, assembles it. In the caves, the crystal sarcophagus emits the word “Nibiru”.