The Grasp of the Gnome

The gang attends Crystal Cove’s Royal Knights Fair, where an evil gnome is paralyzing those dressed as pirates to punish them for their historical inaccuracy. Velma reveals her relationship with Shaggy, while the gang begins to suspect one of the fair’s owners who vocally expresses hate for pirates and is short enough to be the gnome. While trying to trap the gnome, Shaggy is captured. Later, the gang successfully traps the gnome, revealing it to be Gil Littlefoot, who wanted to frame his wife for the attacks to claim her fortune. As the gang is walking through the fair, a hooded figure drops a box at Velma’s feet. Inside is a note from Mr. E, telling Velma “this has all happened before” and a picture of the original Mystery Incorporated with their parrot, Professor Pericles, circled in red.