Web of the Dreamweaver!

Hot Dog Water is voted out of the gang, much to Velma’s dismay. Meanwhile, a creature called the Dreamweaver begins haunting people’s dreams, resulting in them destroying their most prized possessions. His strange whisperings reveal that he’s a character from Crypts and Creatures, which Shaggy used to play. Stone also used to play the game, and realizes he’s the Dreamweaver’s next victim, as all the other victims were people he played with growing up. The gang realizes that the drawing of the Dreamweaver suggests he’s right-handed, while the monster in people’s dreams is left-handed. The gang invades the dream of the Dreamweaver, revealed to be victim Horbert Feist, who wanted revenge for losing his Crypts and Creatures character years ago.

Villain: Dreamweaver/Horbert Feist