The Hodag of Horror

Gene Shepherd’s Traveling Curio Cabinet of Curiosities brings a Hodag of Horror to Crystal Cove who comes to life and begins stealing from people. Meanwhile, Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves return, and all of Crystal Cove’s elites attend a party hosted by the Blakes celebrating their return. Scooby falls in love with their dog, Nova. Daphne returns their locket, and the Hodag attacks, kidnapping Nova. The gang notices how a bell always rings before the Hodag attacks, and trap it. It’s revealed to be cheese store owner Ned Fussbuster’s assistant, Roberto, who is actually a monkey trained to steal jewelry. Fussbuster needed Roberto to steal Shepherd’s key, as he owns a wheel of 500-year-old cheese. Fussbuster threatens to harm Nova, but Scooby saves her. Shepherd reveals the cheese told him to come to Crystal Cove. The gang breaks the wheel in half, revealing a piece of the disk inside. Elsewhere, the original Mystery Inc. is called together by Pericles, who has a proposition for them.