Treasure of the Found Lamp!

An Arabian warrior named D’jinn comes to Duckburg to reclaim the Lamp of the First Genie from Scrooge. After finding out that Louie accidentally sold the lamp at a yard sale, Scrooge and Webby stall the warrior with a phony quest at Ithaquack while the boys look for the lamp. Both of their adventures eventually lead them to the junkyard and into a mad dash to reclaim said lamp from the Beagle Boys before sunrise. Ma tries to get the genie to grant her every wish, but D’jinn reveals that there is no genie. It turns out that he wanted it for his birthday because it belonged to his ancestor, who instead of having the genie grant her wishes, befriended and fell in love with him. Though she made one wish, it was to free the genie so they could marry. Seeing that telling stories have value, Scrooge decides to have a museum exhibit dedicated to his adventures opened for everyone to see, including his family.