Friendship Hates Magic!

While searching for a way to bring Lena back, unaware she is watching over her, Webby befriends another supernatural enthusiast, Violet Sabrewing, who suggests they have a sleepover. However, Lena becomes suspicious of Violet after learning she has Magica’s amulet and tries to warn Webby. Webby and Violet are eventually able to enter the Shadow Realm, where the former reunites with Lena, only to then be attacked by tulpas manifested from Lena’s jealousy towards Violet. They are able to ward the spirits off, though this causes Lena to fade away as well. However, by combining the magic from Magica’s amulet and Webby’s friendship bracelet, Webby and Violet are able to permanently bring Lena back to the mortal world. Meanwhile, Beakley desperately tries to befriend Launchpad after realizing she has no friends, and ends up bonding with him over his favorite TV show, Darkwing Duck.