A grounded Louie tries to escape the manor and join the family’s latest adventure, but is constantly stopped by Della’s countermeasures. Meanwhile, in a final attempt to win the bet before the deadline, Glomgold teams up with the Beagle Boys, Beaks, Karnage, and Magica to invade the manor. Desperate, Louie tells Glomgold how to win in return for a partnership. The villains then confront the family and, as instructed by Louie, pool their resources together just as time runs out, allowing Glomgold to win the bet. However, since “Glomgold” is a fake identity and using a contract he drew up, everything goes to Louie instead. Afterward, the villains turn on Glomgold, forcing him to flee. Della is happy Louie seemingly learned his lesson, but when she tells him to give Scrooge his company back, he hesitates.