The Shadow War!

With Scrooge abandoned by his family, Magica – possessing Lena’s body and empowered by a lunar eclipse – strikes at him and breaks out of her prison within his dime. Meanwhile, Webby, Launchpad, and Beakley convince Donald and the boys to forgive Scrooge. Just then, Magica reveals herself to all of Duckburg and releases everyone’s shadows. Joined by Gyro, Fenton, Little Bulb, and Manny the Headless Man-Horse, Donald, Mrs. Beakley, and Launchpad fight back against Magica while the kids try to get Lena’s assistance. At her home, they discover she is a shadow created by Magica and rush back to stop the sorceress. In the end, Lena seemingly sacrifices herself to save Webby before Magica is stripped of her magic and forced to flee. While Webby mourns for Lena, unaware the latter merged with her shadow, the family reunites while a newscast on their heroics is seen by Della, who is stranded on the Moon.