The Duck Knight Returns!

Launchpad and Dewey meet the washed-up star of Darkwing Duck, Jim Starling, and learn Scrooge is making a movie adaptation with Alistair Boorswan directing. After a disappointing trailer, however, Scrooge puts Dewey in charge while Starling learns he has been replaced by a younger actor, Drake Mallard. Starling convinces Launchpad to help him get rid of Drake so he can reprise his role, but the latter changes his mind upon realizing Drake is a genuine fan. Starling, on the other hand, remains unwilling to pass the torch and goes on a rampage throughout the set to finish the movie himself while Launchpad and Drake try to stop him. In the end, Starling seemingly sacrifices himself to save Launchpad and Drake from an accident he caused and Scrooge cancels the movie. Afterward, Launchpad encourages Drake to become a real superhero while Starling is revealed to have survived, but went insane.