Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!

Scrooge discovers Louie has turned to Goldie for help in getting rich. She inevitably turns on Louie until she sees that he was invited to Doofus’ birthday party and asks him to take her. They arrive pretending to be an aunt and nephew intending to take all of the million-dollar gift bags. However, Doofus sniffs out frauds among his guests and sends them to his “Honey Bin”, leaving Louie and Goldie; Glomgold and his puppet-son; and Beaks and his robot-son, B.O.Y.D. Once he removes Glomgold and Beaks, Doofus demands to know who ruined his party. Goldie blames Louie and Doofus has B.O.Y.D. attack him, but Goldie saves him. The party turns out to be a test, as Doofus claims Goldie as his new “Gemeemama”. Louie is allowed to leave with the gift bags, but decides to rescue Goldie and give B.O.Y.D. to Doofus as a brother. B.O.Y.D. then transfers half of Doofus’ fortune to his account for his new parents, allowing them to finally ground Doofus. During the confusion, Goldie steals the gift bags, but keeps a picture of Louie. Meanwhile, Della gets Huey out of his comfort zone in a video game.