The Golden Spear!

On the moon, Della fixes the Spear of Selene with the Moonlanders’ help and promises to bring them to Earth with her. However Penumbra, wanting her people to stay and be safe, decides to activate the launch sequence early, forcing Della to take off alone. Before leaving, she gives the rocket plans to Lunaris and heads to Earth. After the take-off, Lunaris tells the Moonlanders that Della attacked him and left them behind; rallying them into declaring war on Earth. Meanwhile, Donald attempts to relax, but keeps getting interrupted by his family’s adventures. To make it up to him, the family and Storkules send him on a vacation. While waiting for the bus, he sees Della’s rocket crash and runs to greet her, but finds it empty. Accidentally starting the rocket, Donald launches himself into space just as Della reaches McDuck Manor.