Storkules in Duckburg!

Louie wants to start his own company, but is unable to decide on what kind. Meanwhile, Donald rents out a room on his houseboat, but is surprised that Storkules, who was kicked out by his father, is the renter. However, Storkules soon finds that a flock of harpies followed him to Duckburg and are causing havoc. Seeing this as an opportunity, Louie starts a monster-control business, “Harp-B-Gone”, with Huey, Webby, and Storkules. However, Storkules secretly stores them on the houseboat, and they eventually break free and take off with Donald. In the end, “Harp-B-Gone” saves Donald and recaptures the harpies. Louie realizes he let his success go to his head and disbands the business, giving the harpies to Scrooge to use as workers at a lemonade company after realizing their potential.