The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!

As Louie dodges responsibility for his latest scheme-gone-wrong, he and Scrooge are summoned to a mystical karmic court by Doofus, who seeks vengeance against Louie by suing Scrooge for allegedly creating his enemies. Glomgold, Ma Beagle, and Magica each present their case: Glomgold was overshadowed by Scrooge during an adventure, Ma Beagle’s father lost the deed to Duckburg to Scrooge, and Magica’s twin brother, Poe De Spell, was transformed into a raven during a battle with Scrooge, who refused to stop Poe from flying away. Louie counters the first two claims, but struggles with the third before realizing that he and Scrooge must take responsibility for their actions. However, while Louie makes amends with Doofus, the court interprets Scrooge’s apology as admission of guilt until Louie argues that his enemies shaped him as much as he shaped them, leading to Scrooge being acquitted of all charges.