The Fight for Castle McDuck!

While investigating the absence of the mists that once surrounded Castle McDuck, Scrooge is reunited with his sister, Matilda. However, they end up reigniting their sibling rivalry. Webby attempts to mend their familial relationship, only for it to turn into a family feud as their parents get involved. Meanwhile, Huey and Louie search for the family treasure – the Blessed Bagpipes of Clan McDuck, which can bring inanimate objects to life. However, Phantom Blot and F.O.W.L. Egghead Pepper beat them to it and accidentally give life to statues of Clan McDuck’s ancestors, who begin squabbling as well. Even the triplets start arguing after failing to retrieve the bagpipes. In the end, Webby reminds everyone of how wonderful family is and they all work together to drive off the F.O.W.L. agents.