The First Adventure!

In the 1960s, S.H.U.S.H. rejects Bradford’s proposal of taking over the world to control and prevent chaos, prompting him to co-found F.O.W.L. with Heron. 30 years later, a semi-retired Scrooge is asked to take care of a young Della and Donald all while being tasked by S.H.U.S.H. with retrieving the Papyrus of Binding, a mystical parchment capable of making anything written on it real. Scrooge is forced to bring the kids along, though he gradually comes to respect them as they help him. However, Bradford and Heron follow them and steal the Papyrus before taking the kids hostage. Ultimately, Scrooge has the Papyrus make itself disappear, with the provision that only his heir can find it, though not before Bradford uses it to erase his involvement from the Ducks’ memories. Afterward, Scrooge decides to resume his adventuring life and hires Bradford to manage his company in the meantime.