Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!

Ludwig von Drake’s Arctic doomsday vault – built as a safekeep in case of worldwide disaster – has been damaged. In response, Scrooge brings Della and Dewey to convince Von Drake’s grown-up children that McDuck Enterprises can secure its contents, including the seeds of the Money Tree of Oramorris. Glomgold and Owlson arrive hoping to close the deal for their company, but he spoils their chances by revealing his plan to steal the seeds and blow up the vault. Della and Dewey sneak off to see the seeds before Scrooge seals the vault, but accidentally cause mayhem and severely add to the damage. Dewey blames himself, but Della, using the skills she learned on the moon, saves the situation and assures her son that he will never have to prove himself to her.