New Gods on the Block!

Following a failed adventure, Scrooge calls for additional help, causing the kids to think they are being replaced. Suddenly, the family is approached by Selene and Storkules, who reveal that Zeus was stripped of his godhood and that they are looking for a replacement. To cheer the kids up, Della convinces Selene to give them a shot, but it ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Storkules tries to help Donald during his date with Daisy, only to drive her away. Zeus then tricks Storkules into releasing a Titan to cause an uproar that will enable him to regain his powers, but it swallows the gods and the adults. In the end, the kids save everyone and Scrooge assures them he would never replace them while Donald makes amends with Daisy and Zeus steals back his powers and tries to claim the victory as his own, only to accidentally fall into the underworld.