The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!

While searching for the Fountain of the Foreverglades, Scrooge checks into a hotel, where he learns Goldie also seeks it. In the ensuing race, they become young again after being exposed to the Fountain’s waters. Upon reaching it, however, they are confronted by Rockerduck, who extended his life with cryogenics, joined F.O.W.L., and now seeks the Fountain, but finds it empty. Meanwhile, Dewey becomes older and usurps Huey as the “big brother” while Louie discovers the hotel owner is actually Ponce de León, who put the Fountain’s water in the hotel pool to steal youth from guests. León captures the boys, but Scrooge and Goldie come to their rescue. During the ensuing fight, Rockerduck regains his youth, but flees after his butler, Jeeves, is turned into a baby while Scrooge and Goldie return to normal and León ages to dust. Afterward, Dewey and the guests are returned to normal while Goldie and Scrooge spend quality time together.