The Ballad of Duke Baloney!

Glomgold has been missing for four months following Magica’s attack, during which time he was replaced by Zan Owlson as his company’s CEO. He was found with amnesia by fishermen, Fisher and Mann, and adopted a new identity as the fisherman “Duke Baloney”. Louie and Webby eventually stumble upon him and investigate, only to find no record of his past. They then take Scrooge to meet him, but he decides to let him be, as he is happy. However, Glomgold ultimately regains his memory: born “Duke Baloney”, he was a shoeshiner who did Scrooge’s shoes and was paid with a dime to teach him “self-reliance”, only to feel cheated and vow vengeance. He then returns to his company and makes a bet with Scrooge: whoever is richer by the end of the year gets the loser’s company.