The Alien Costume, Part 2

Peter, with his powers enhanced by his new suit, focuses his attention on Brock and Jameson and warns the latter to call off his reward, also mentioning Rhino and how Brock neglected to mention him. Jameson finds out from John that Brock was lying and fires him. He also calls off the manhunt for Spider-Man. Noticing that he is becoming more hostile and aggressive, Peter seeks the assistance of Dr. Connors, who studies the suit and realizes that it is a symbiote. Peter then uses the symbiote’s powers to find a clue in Brock’s apartment, only to run into the Shocker, sent by Kingpin to destroy the evidence Brock has of the crash site. Following Shocker leads Peter to Alistair and the “Promethium X”, which he steals. Kingpin and Shocker form a plan to kidnap Jameson in an attempt to gain the “Promethium X” back. The effects of the symbiote lead to Peter literally fighting it to get it off him.