The Return of the Green Goblin

Trapped in the limbo between portals, the Green Goblin telepathically calls out to his son, Harry Osborn. Keeping his true identity a secret, he promises Harry that he will see his father soon if he becomes the second Green Goblin. Meanwhile, thinking Peter knows where Mary Jane is, Anna Watson unknowingly passes this information to the Punisher who decides to help. When confronted by Spider-Man about the truth, during the skirmish between them and the Punisher, Harry is shocked when the Green Goblin shows him that he is his father, Norman; unfortunately, this causes Harry to collapse, making him decide to truly take after his father by continuing on as the second Goblin. However, he is knocked out and sent to Ravencroft for help. An angry Norman watches from limbo but is more shocked as just when the Punisher confronts Peter, Mary Jane reappears.