Unclaimed Legacy

Spider-Man is able to rescue Robbie and escape the explosion. The following day, Peter and Robbie visit Robbie’s friend Russian police officer Boris Pushkin who claims to have known Peter’s parents. Chief of Police Rhienholdt Kragov interrupts and threatens that Peter and Robbie will be arrested if they don’t leave. Boris gave Robbie Doctor Grotizick’s daughter’s address and they visit, learning that Peter’s parents weren’t Russian spies. The daughter’s husband takes the evidence and Spider-Man learns he is actually the Chameleon, who leads him to a trap. Spider-Man is then defeated, rendered unconscious, and taken to Kingpin by the Insidious Six, who reveals his plans to use the Doomsday Device. Spider-Man, the Six, and Kingpin are then kidnapped by Silver Sable and the Wild Pack who attack the building. Later, they find themselves at Chernobyl NPP in Ukraine at the clutches of the Red Skull. Turns out, it’s actually Kragov, his son. He causes the fortress to crumble and escapes. Kingpin and the Six flee, leaving Sable and the Wild Pack in their shackles. Spider-Man frees them and they escape as well.