The Six Fight Again

As former sidekick of the late Black Marvel, Omar had hidden the Black Marvel’s keys after his death. Now aware of the Insidious Six’s theft of the majority of the keys, he was sure that they would search for them. Omar shows Robbie where the last keys are hidden. However, it unfolds to be the Chameleon impersonating Robbie, and snatches the keys whilst the real Robbie, Kingpin, the Insidious Six, Spider-Man, and the Destroyer arrive. The Black Marvel also appears as Omar leaves. Spider-Man and the five members of the Six American Warriors fight the Insidious Six and Kingpin for the last ring. Kingpin wins custody of the keys and escapes with them, but the Chameleon betrays him and helps Kragov release their father, the Red Skull. Spider-Man and the five other heroes meet up on a building and the Black Marvel reveals himself to be Omar. Omar reveals that when the original Black Marvel was taken away by his father, Omar replaced him and when the Six American Warriors age was over, the Black Marvel was confirmed to have died.