The Foghorn Leghorn Story

Daffy ends up portraying Foghorn Leghorn in a film, but fails miserably ending up in a quarrel. Bugs and Yosemite Sam find a vase buried in the backyard, which Sam thinks does something (due to his stupidity) as Bugs says it could be interesting. It does turn up to be worth one million dollars, but Yosemite Sam takes credit for finding, which also ends in a quarrel. Both fights combine, ending with Foghorn and Daffy reconciling and discovering a gold plated turtle in the vase. Unfortunately, the film is a flop, but Foghorn is just happy to have had the opportunity to make one.
Note: This episode promptly takes place after a later episode, Working Duck, hinted when Foghorn’s assistant Carol points out that Daffy destroyed Foghorn’s business company Enormocorp, which happens in that episode.