Eligible Bachelors

Lola Bunny ends a bidding war for Bugs when she puts one hundred thousand dollars on the table, which Bugs is reluctant, as a result of her being annoying to Bugs’s last meeting with her, in the ROGOOCC. She flies Bugs to Paris to see the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Versailles hoping the City of Lights will lead to amour. However, Lola’s constant jabbering dampers any chance for love. Daffy is a much cheaper date and Granny bids on him so she can have some help cleaning her attic. Daffy however has a good time with Granny, when she tells him her tales of her time in Paris during World War II where she and Tweety fought against the Nazis. At the end, both Bugs and Daffy place their pictures on the refrigerator, as both pose in front of the Eiffel Tower, which bugs finds it surprising.