Ra’s al Ghul recruits all of the super villains Batman has brought down (Professor Pyg, Mister Toad, Magpie, Tobias Whale, Phosphorus Rex, and Cypher) to eliminate Batman in exchange for control of a piece of the city. Ghul makes an offer to Katana, kill Alfred and he will release her father from the Sword of Souls, who has been trapped ever since Alfred escaped from him long ago; he sweetens the offer even more by also willing to let her go. Katana is about to kill Alfred but wants to hear the truth from him. Alfred tells her that her father and him were fighting over the soul and as it was about to drain Alfred’s soul, but instead he let go, allowing the sword to drain his soul. Alfred remembers dropping it and running; he soon understands that her father did it to allow him to escape. With this new information, she refuses to kill him. Just as Ghul is about to kill him, he receives a message that changes everything. Batman races to find Ra’s location and save both his partners and the entire city, he makes a deal with Mr. Whale and is brought to Ghul as his “prisoner,” but is betrayed. Ghul and Batman fight, Batman’s partners sense that Batman is stalling, giving the time Lt. Gordon and Barbara needs to hack and disable the Ion Cortex once and for all. Ghul understand what it feels to lose, Batman tells Ghul that he can’t beat him one on one, but that doesn’t mean that Ghul doesn’t have a weakness. Ghul asks what is his, Batman tells him that it is the belief that he has no weakness. With the Sword of Souls, Batman releases the souls, much to the surprise of Ghul, who thought that Batman would trap him instead. With the souls now released, they disappear with Ghul. Katana sees her father one last time before he leaves. Alfred leaves to set his wrongs from his past life’s right, while Batman and Katana set out to continue saving Gotham.