At a rally to announce Harvey Dent’s run for mayor, Bruce Wayne is “assassinated” by “Batman.” Katana fights him, but he escapes. The police search for him, but with no luck and declares him dead; however, Bruce survives, but badly injured and instead of telling the world, Bruce decides it’s better to stay dead, and only tells Alfred, Katana, and Barbara. During that time Batman begins to hunts for his impostor. Batman attacks the police and tells that this is their only warning to stay out of his way. At Bruce’s “funeral,” Dent and Commission Godean announce that both of them will work together to hunt Batman, but “Batman,” attacks the people at the funeral. It turns out that they were using the funeral as bait to make the impostor Batman come out, allowing the real Batman to chase him. In the end the impostor escapes; Batman believes it to be Humpty Dumpty, because of weapons used, but it may not be the case. For the weapons came from a place called the “armory.” Barbara becomes anxious because they have called yet for her help. Meanwhile, Batman goes to the armory, with Katana near by to find some answers. Sadly, the police are there, and he is forced to defend himself against them. While in the building, Bruce’s friend Dane appears to help, for he believes someone else “killed” Bruce, not Batman. Batman thought the armory was sealed after the wars of the past, but Dane tells him that Dent open it up for storing police equipment. Barbara calls Katana telling she knows who Batman is; Dent continues telling Batman, that ever since Dent got his special force, he has been keeping the weapons here; however, if Gordon ever found out how much firepower he really had, he would lose it. Batman discovers that Dane was the one to kill Bruce, and brought him here to kill him. Dent arrives, and believes that Batman has Dane. Batman is chasing Dane to a room, where he appears in his version on the Batman. They fights and the real Batman defeats Dane; Batman finds out that it was Deathstroke who is the one pulling the strings, and killed Bruce and framed Batman for revenge. Dane only did the things he did for Deathstroke has his son. The police arrive to “save Dane,” but Dane attempts to blow them up; He succeeds, and dies. Dent tries to capture Batman, but ends up burn. Batman escapes, but injure and Katana takes him home. The media claims that the attack was by Batman, and that he killed Dane. No one knowing that it was Dane all along. Too make matters worst, the biggest bounty has been placed on Batman, the biggest in history. As for Harvey Dent, he is expected to recover. They don’t seem to understand why Dane would do it. Barbra finds out and lets Batman and the others know that Dane has no son, and that Dane doesn’t exist.